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Transfilling Systems

Note: Federal Law restricts the sale or use of regulators and conserving devices without the express written order of a physician; therefore, Responsive Respiratory only sells these items to Healthcare dealers and distributors.

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Turnkey Oxygen Cylinder Transfill Systems
Turnkey solutionsbased on filling requirements:

R e s p o n s i v e   R e s p i r a t o r y ,   I n c .   -  T h e   H i g h   P r e s s u r e   O x y g e n   E x p e r t s !

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Turnkey Transfill Systems include:

Responsive Respiratory offers a full line of transfilling systems and accessories for medical cylinder gas filling.

RRI's transfilling systems offer a cost-effective and safe alternative for providers to fill their high-pressure aluminum or steel oxygen cylinders (up to 2000 PSI). Turnkey systems are available in a variety of configurations and can be modified or upgraded with larger system components as fill requirement change. All systems include digital policy and procedures manual with detailed installation and usage instructions for FDA compliance.

RRI will provide a FREE cost analysis to determine if a transfill system will be financially beneficial to you.

• Vacuum Pump
• Oxygen Analyzer for FDA Medical Grade Oxygen
• Cylinder labels (100)
• Cylinder status tags (100)
• Label gun
• Labels for gun (750)
• Leak detection solution 8 oz.
• Valve Seals (100)
• Policy & procedure manual with FDA documentation forms
• Cylinder thermometer
• Test gauge for calibration
• Oxygen calibration regulator
• Nitrogen calibration regulator
• No smoking signs (2)
• Manifold
• Teflon tape
Turnkey Oxygen Transfill Systems:
160-0100 - 5 x 3 Transfill System 
160-0110 - 8 x 6 Transfill System 

160-0120 - 8 x 3 Transfill System w/ manifold cart 
• 5 Supply X 3 fill, fills up to 3 cylinders per cycle
• 8 Supply X 6 fill, fills up to 6 cylinders per cycle
• 8 Supply X 3 with 20 cylinder manifold cart, fills up to 22 cylinders per cycle
Turnkey Oxygen Cylinder Transfill Systems
Transfill Manifolds
Transfill manifold options include:
• EMS and Fire department 4 supply x 2 fill
• 5 Supply x 3 fill
• Supply side extension, 3 supply manifold
• Fill side extension, 3 station manifold
Other sizes available upon request. Please contact customer service for details 866-333-4030.
OxygenTransfill Manifold:
180-4505 - EMS & Fire Department, 4 supply x 2 fill 
180-4500 - Manifold, 5 supply x 3 fill 

180-4510 - Manifold, 3 Supply Side Extension 

180-4520 - Manifold, 3 Station Fill Side Extension

180-4511 - Manifold, 5 Supply Side Extension 
Transfill Manifolds
Transfilling Systems

Please call customer service for pricing and freight quote. Toll Free 866-333-4030

Please call customer service for pricing and freight quote. Toll Free 866-333-4030